Fabuloss Teatox 7 Day Update

I was sent the Fabuloss Detox Tea 14 Day teatox and I've been using it for about a week now so I thought I'd do a "mid-detox-update" kinda thing. So far so good, I haven't had any major bad reactions to it (see here - no mega pooping like some other detox teas I've tried in the past) and both are actually very tasty, so it's not like a chore to drink them twice a day. You drink one in the morning and one every second evening. I would say my skin has cleared up a bit, but I've been trying to eat better, drink more water and take better care of my skin but I think it could be a contributing factor! Other than that, energy and weight-loss wise I haven't noticed too much but maybe in the next week I'll drop three dress sizes and have toddler-strength energy. It definitely encouraged me to eat healthier though so that's a good start so far. Keep your fingers crossed for me! **And yes, my cup does say I LOVE FAIRYCAKES with a big bun on it. I like to make life hard for myself.