Travel | Athens Travel Diary

On top of Filopappou Hill, from where you can see the entirety of Athens AND  great view of the Acropolis right opposite it. 

Rogue swing set bus stop type situation outside the National Library, which I would highly recommend seeing.

If you have a minute, buy some snacks and head to the National Gardens for a little rest and relaxation, it's so beautiful in there. Plus they have turtles and deer and rabbits and its great.

The Panathenaic Stadium, the first Olympic stadium. Very cool to see but you have to buy tickets to go in, which we didn't bother with but I'm sure the museum-y part would be great for sports fanatics! 

The Temple of Olympian Zeus 
Hadrians Gate 
There are millions of little kitty cats all over the city

Pretty much lived off Souvlaki and kebabs and it was AWESOME. 
The poet sandal maker of Athens, Stavros Melissinos' shop. He's also a shoemaker to the stars! There's SJP on the wall!

Almost at the Parthenon! 
More amazeballs views from the Acropolis!

Columns upon columns upon columns at the Acropolis
Bucket listing at the Parthenon

The National Library
The tomb of the unknown soldier, and the changing of the guards! Very interesting to see, and they have amazing pom pom shoes!

Little temple hidden among the bushes behind some gates.

I really enjoyed Athens, the food and the sights are amazing and there is something new to see around every corner. We stayed in a little AirBnB on Millerou - and walked pretty much everywhere from there - owned by a lovely French guy who was very accommodating to our needs, AND had an amazing view of the Parthenon from the roof.