Travel | Aegina Travel Diary

We flew from Budapest to Athens, and immediately made our way to Pireaus port - you can just get the metro from the airport for like €10, one change at Monastiraki - and got the only boat that goes to Aegina Island, for another €10.

Rogue little mini pier at the edge of Agia Marina Beach.

We rented a bike one day and drove all over the island. Our first stop was St Nektarios' Cathedral 

You have to cover up to go further into the Cathedral, and they have the coolest skirts ever!

An amazing viewpoint near Aegina Town. How blue is the water?!

Temple of Aphaea

Another pretty viewpoint looking out over Perdika at the Ekklisia Profitis Ilias (be warned, the road to here is absolute sh*te)

Itty bitty Greek fishies that you eat whole - bones and all!

It's a really tiny but beautiful island, less touristy and more authentic (but without the blue and white houses everywhere) than places like Santorini. The people there are incredibly friendly and everything is within walking distance. The beach is fab, a mix between sandy and stony (and I'm more of a sandy beach gal so the extra walk didn't bother me much) with loads of bars and restaurants lining it, plus plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. I'd recommend renting out a bike and just driving, wherever you end up you won't be too far from where you started which is brilliant! Agia Marina was the perfect location for a really relaxing beach holiday, while Aegina town is a bit busier and bigger, but without the great beach (so I hear).