Peachy Keen | 1 |

So, like the little slip trilogy I did a while back, I went and styled this peachy coloured bardot top in three different styles! It's not exactly a "how to style" because I think they've been around long enough that if you like it then you know how to style it yourself by now! But still, here goes!
This is a v casual way of wearing it, would be really nice for some day time drinks or a barbecue or picnic! You have the comfort in the Converse and jeans while still being a little bit dressy with the cutesy top. I know this one is very summery but we have to make the most of these last few weeks don't we?!

Jeans - New Look (on sale woo!)
Top - Reserved (on sale too! Double woo!)
Shoes - Converse
Chain - Shira (old)