The Great Irish Tan Off - Glow Glamster vs Sunshimmer

Here we go again with the tan face off! I thought, after doing the last post which included spray on instant tans, why not do one for cream instant tans too?! And since Karora were so kind as to send me a sample of their Glow Glamster I knew I had to compare it to another old school favourite - Rimmel Sunshimmer. You cannot tell me that you never used this bad boy back in the day!

The picture below is (again) my gorgeously translucently pale left leg, and my Glow Glamstered right leg. It's very easy to apply and spreads nicely and evenly with a mitt, and has a little bit of a sparkle to it which is nice too. It gives a nice darkish cover - I'm sure you could go much darker with another layer if you wanted - which is perfect for me and my natural paleness! 

And the last two pictures are of course with the Sunshimmer on my left leg. If you've used Sunshimmer before you'll know its just the same - spreads quite nicely with a mitt and (if you use the shimmer one) gives a nice glow too. I used the matte one as I do find the shimmery one a little TOO shimmery at times if you know what I mean. Again, like with the Sally Hansen in the last post, I found Sunshimmer to be a lot more orangey toned in comparison to the Karora, so in that sense Karora wins out. ALSO a major complaint I have - I applied this about 2/3 hours after I had shaved my legs and had absolutely no problem with the Glow Glamster, but the Sunshimmer STUNG so bad and broke me out into a post shave rash which lasted the rest of the day. So overall I gotta say, Karora is a winner for me!