Public Pyjamas

You know those days when you want to stay in your comfy pjs all day and not wear those horrible awful skinny jeans etc etc? Well, there you have it - my answer. Pants that FEEL like pyjamas (and kind of look like them) and are acceptable for daily wear. Y'all are welcome for these bad boys. They have a really cool minimal vibe I feel and look just as great paired with strappy black heels as they do with trainers which is extra yay points! I love the light grey pin stripes they have which gives it that fashion-cool kind of feel (I can't explain for sh*t which is surprising after four years doing English Lit [that rhymes so I guess I picked something up]). Of course I went all black and white and used my denim jacket as a little splash of colour but you could easily go wild with colours around these pants and use them as a neutral base. Big, BIG fan of these babies!

Jacket - Custom Vintage Dublin
Tshirt - H&M
Pants - Warehouse
Bandana/Sunnies - Penneys
Shoes - Adidas