The Great Irish Tan Off - Airbrush Legs V Flawless Legs

The lovely ladies over at Revolve PR kindly sent me out a little bBold tan package to try out which included their two new instant tans, Flawless Legs in light and medium. When I thought to myself - hmm, this is a pretty similar idea to Sally Hansens Airbrush legs it was like DING lightbulb - I'd do a little tan face off on the blog to figure out which was better, or at least which I preferred. 

So this is my pale ass left leg and beautiful bBold medium bronzed up right leg. The difference is obvious. Flawless Legs actually smells so amazing, it doesn't have that weird powdery (??) scent that Sally Hansen does. It glides on very easily and super easy to apply with the bBold mitt. It's quite a natural looking instant tan. 

And this is my Airbrushed left leg. If you've used Airbrush legs before you'll know it does give great coverage which bBold didn't exactly do, it looked more like gradual tan on - like your skin but browner, while Airbrush Legs can do kind of a cover up job. I actually prefer the colouring of Flawless Legs though, it's very natural compared to Airbrushed legs, which has a bit of a more orangey tone.
Over all I really liked Flawless Legs and I think it will be (and has been since I used it first) my new go to instant tan. Sorry Sally!