Current Facemask Favourites

Just wanted to show you guys my favourite facemasks of the moment. These three are 100% my go-to's whenever I'm having a bad skin day! I either multimask with all three, or just two, or just use one a week depending on what my skin is like at the time. The Pore Purifying clay mask does the usual clay mask job - unclogs pore and pulls out any impurities from your skin. It's perfect for oily problem skin! Sometimes I'll put this everywhere for a good clean out, and other times I'll just focus on my problem areas. mainly my chin and sometimes T-zone. The next is my absoloute favourite I think, the Double Glow peel mask LITERALLY leaves you glowing. I love using this when my skin is feeling a bit bleh. It peels off a layer of dead skin cells to leave your skin so fresh and smooth, and it even has little bits of volcanic rock which exfoliate your skin while you wash it off - if that ain't a win win I don't know what is! 10/10 would recommend this one! And finally the Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing mask from the Body Shop - I find this one great when you need an extra bit of nourishment for you skin, it leaves it a little plumper and definitely a lot softer! Plus, it smells soooo amazing, but then I'm a big honey lover so that was always gonna be the case. I've been using these for about 4 months now and I would definitely recommend them to anyone, I use these weekly and love them so much!