Love is Love

There is literally like one good shot of my mug in this whole post but who am I to deny you my RBF (resting bitch face). We took these pictures a few weeks back when we ventured into London for a little exploring around Westminster - St James Park is so beautiful and so full of SQUIRRELS! I'm literally like that dog from UP! every single time I see a squirrel, I just dont even know why... Anyways, just a casual walk around London kind of outfit. This was back in mid September I think so it was still pretty warm, even though the weather here is so uncertain - like you leave in the morning and it's fine and you're ROASTING by the afternoon and then in the evening you're freezing your butt off (in the pitch black thank you clock changes). I loooove this bomber, I avoided getting a khaki bomber for so long just because eveeeeryone had one, but when I saw this and the quote on the back I was sold. I've been layering literally every single top I own underneath lace cami's lately - band tees, ribbed tees, graphic tees, turtle necks - you name it, I have layered it. I just love it! And these creeeeeepers man - when you can't afford the Fenty x Pumas, or even the Public Desire rip offs, you know Penneys has got your back!

Bomber - Reserved
Tshirt/ Cami/ Skirt/ Shoes/ Pom Poms - Primark
Bag - River Island