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DISCLAIMER: if you are a hard hearted, love hating type of person, please avert your eyes. This may get soppy.

I've been wanting to write my posts a little differently as of late - more "opinion piece" type things, themed, where I can have a little rant or just rave about something I love or feel passionate about. I was in a slump a while back where I was barely writing anything in my posts, and I didn't like it, but I just couldn't find much to say. I want to write about things of a little more substance than my newest highlighter (even though these posts will still be appearing because contrary to what I just said, I freaking love them). But you know what I mean, a little deeper - but not too deep. And so to start it all of, right here, right now, we'll be discussing Love. Open your books at page 101 students, and let's get started.

If you follow The Little Plum, you'll have seen her post all about embracing love. And I couldn't agree more - why is it so embarrassing to actually say you're in love? Like whats the big deal?! Everyone, everywhere in some form or shape has been in love - it's not like it's new. And while I do understand people who hate the PDA and the Facebook posts and the Instagrams and all that - you have to also understand that to some people this is just another way of expressing their love to their S.O!

And listen up guys, Valentines Day is right around the corner. A mere MONTH from now. Will you whisk your S.O off to some romantic, exotic weekend away, or take them for a mouthwateringly delicious (and eyewateringly expensive) 5 star restaurant, only to have them choke on the engagement ring at the bottom of their champagne class? While I can say that, although I am a romantic at heart, V.Day is a little hyped up, and definitely is a consumer holiday. But, at the same time, why would anyone pass up a day where you are not only actively encouraged to express your love, you are even slightly pressured into it! YAY! 

So if you're not the exotic weekend/ 5 star, million euro restaurant goer (and neither is your bank account), there's always the little things. Which can often be the best. Like breakfast in bed - always, always a winner. Something handmade (with love, obvo). And of course, flowers. Cos when you can't say it with words, say it with flowers!

And that's where Bloom Magic Ireland comes in. An online delivery service based out of Dublin, they will deliver your flowers the very next day if you so please. What better way to wake up the love of your life on Valentines Day (or any damn day, to be honest) than with a cup of coffee and a bouquet of exquisite roses. They have flowers for every and any occasions - anniversary, Christmas, congratulations, and my favourites, the "just because" flowers. It's the easy way around it, just order online, put in the date you want them delivered and then successfully woo the L.O.Y.L (if significant other gets an abbreviation I don't see why love of your life shouldn't).

It also looks a little better than the droopy bunch of flowers you picked up at the petrol station on your way home from work last year, jus sayin. 

Head over to https://www.bloommagicflowers.ie/valentines-day-flowers to check out the amazing range they have on offer, including fabulous hatboxes and notes to say just how special that someone special is to you. 

*This is a friendly and paid collaboration with Bloom Magic Ireland. All views and opinions are my own. #ad*