SOSU | Glow Baby Glow

So. This kit. I mean. It's good. Like, it's REALLY good. And I like it A LOT and I've been using it A LOT and I thought you would like to know that.

So Sue Me is definitely the biggest blogging name in Ireland, and to be fair she's done well for herself. I admire how she's built herself an entire lifestyle out of a simple blog online, and now gone on to cosmetics and clothes. It's pretty cool.
I have a few of her nail varnishes and they're fine. I didn't try the contour kit but I've heard great things, I tried the lashes and some are good, some not so great. So essentially it's a mixed bag on the ole SOSU front, but the second I tried this kit I was hooooooooked. 
To be honest I only use three out of this kit regularly - Moon Sparkle, Shooting Star and Unicorn Dust. I reach for Peach Smoothie now and then but it's verrrry peachy and I'm not sure about it on my cheekbones where it looks a little blushy you know? So I might add a teeeeeeeny weeny bit mixed with one of the other three. But Melted Gold and Candy Crush are just way too dark! I don't know, I just cant wear them. If you are darker or wear tan then I'm sure they'd be fine and you'd get great use out of them but I am neither of those so they've just been left out a little. Maybe in the summer I would reach a little more if I do wear a bit of tan but for now its just the three lightest that are my go-tos. And I ain't complaining cos I frickin love them!