The Biscuiteers

Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit? Probably not, but for one of these exquisitely iced biscuits, I just might.

I've had a preeeetty good weekend this past weekend - I went to see Aladdin (AMAZING), had a Sunday roast that turned into a Sunday session (also AMAZING), but it all started off last Thursday with a little trip to  Biscuiteers in Clapham for a biscuit icing class.
Now I love baking, but I've never been much into the icing side of things - I mean whats the point, usually the stuff I bake is eaten in 10 seconds flat (usually by me), and it also just seemed so fiddly and precious, plus I don't even eat icing anyway. So icing usually doesn't do it for me, but I do love the way it looks. 
And THEN. I was invited to this little icing class by a friend of mine from college, and it was amazing! The Biscuiteers shop itself is so pretty, the most instagrammable place I've ever been I think, full to the brim with amazing iced biscuits with different themes - my favourite being a little iced lobster with the quote "you're my lobster!".
 They offer you pretty much unlimited prosecco and the tastiest carrot cake EVER, while you sit at a marble counter and ice 5 different biscuits over the space of an hour and a half. The girls working and instructing are so nice and friendly, and our instructor Leonor was really lovely and helpful! Yes I was a soppy romantic and made two with my boyfriend in mind, but you can use any colour and write any message you like on all the biscuits. I have to say the bird is my favourite though! 
Click here to view their latest classes which take place in Notting Hill and Battersea! If you live in London, have someone visiting or are just visiting yourself, I'd definitely recommend trying out on of the classes they have on offer!