"Fashion is instant language" - Miuccia Prada

It has been a long ass week. I've been sick since Tuesday and I kind of hate not being able to do stuff - like I know I have so much work and stuff to do but I couldn't get out of bed without falling over so I just lay there and felt like shite. But anyway.

Fashion week starts next weekend in London and BOY OH BOY am I excited because I'll be working with Fashion Scout for the entire time - so keep an eye on my socials from next Thursday and you might see some bts amazingness!

You may know I lived in Prague last year and interned with a fashion PR over there, which got me so into Czech fashion I can't even tell you - Czech designers are so talented and creative and FAB. I've been really into them again recently as I'm doing a project on one designer above (Jiri Kalfar) and following the Czech Fashion Council on Instagram let me fins a whole bunch of amazing student designers too. (Above pictures: Tique, ODIVI, Jiri Kalfar and Vivien Babicova.)

One day, at home, sick and feeling sorry for myself, I come downstairs and find my friend watching Pretty in Pink and I'm like man. The 80's were amazing. I freakin love 80's movies! The fashion was next level I tell you that much, Duckie isn't fckin around with his ensembles either. But what I loved most is how little makeup the girls wear - like you can ALWAYS see Molly Ringwald's pink cheeks and I thin thats actually really nice - so natch back in the day. Also St Elmo's Fire is amazeballs.

Speaking of makeup, I can't wait for summer to roll back around and get my freckle on. I have them all year round obvs but I love when they really start showing through - am I the only redhead who loves getting freckles? I may even take to faking them like ItsLikelyMakeup does! I trawl through MrElbank on Instagram and droll over some of the amazing freckled folk he photographs. Also been really loving graphic makeup of late, and I do want to start trying it out myself when I have more time. Ida Ekman and Linda Hallbergs are two Scandi queens of the graphic look. 

Genderless clothing is starting to make a much bigger noise than it did when it initially came out - and it's also getting better. Remember when Zara did their ungendered line but it was kind of just a lot of baggy sweaters and jeans... Yeah. Jiri Kalfar does a lot of gender fluid items in his lines but this tshirt is the COOLEST. You can wear it in (rough estimate here) a MILLION different ways and anyone who can pull it off, can pull it off. DV Closet did a super cool collab with Maison Faliakos to create a sizeless, genderless capsule collection, and I can see a lot of couples fighting over this tshirt dress/ just an actual tshirt. 

To my absolute horror, this week I read that Marie Stopes, an abortion clinic in the UK, were going to start turning away Irish women who come to them in favour of UK patients. While ok yes I understand that British women also need this service can't they see that this is the only option Irish women have? Of course I don't actually blame Marie Stopes for being overwhelmed by the amount of Irish women forced to travel over seas to do something which is COMPLETELY their own choice. I blame the Irish government and for fuck sake can we not just REPEAL THE 8TH already.