"Beautiful stuff will heal the world" - Jo Phillips

Another little weekly inspo board - I know it's been ages but I've been busy with a trip to Prague, lots of college work and a couple of birthdays, and also just a lack of inspiration from anything really - so this is my brain from the last three weeks essentially! Also, if you're wondering about the quote, the kind of scary amazing Jo Phillips of .Cent magazine came to talk to us in college last week - and this quote really stuck out to me!

I've been Pinterest mad lately - just obsessively looking at interiors. I'm really into kind of dark interiors at the moment, like a lot of contrast between the white walls and dark furniture or decoration - and how amazing is that navy wall?! I'm designing my dream home in my brain and on Pinterest! Also I've started a little plant collection - I have three now, a money plant, a jade plant and a snake plant, and I'm a bit obsessed (funny story - I bought the snake plant back in SEPTEMBER and, convinced it was fake paid it absolutely no attention, until a few weeks ago when I noticed it was getting a bit shriveled. I thought it was from being next to my candle, until I took it out of its little pot and realised it had roots and was, in fact, alive. So now I'm SUPER obsessed with taking care of them). I basically want to make my little home into a Jungalow and have plants absolutely everywhere. They just cheer me up so much! I also got a bunch of daffodils (which died pretty fast I must say - disappointed) and now I'm committed to having some kind of fresh flowers in my house at all times!

I'm reeeeeeeally into statement earring at the moment - these face shaped ones from Mango are the absolute DREAM but have been sold out since the first day I saw them - I so regret not buying them immediately. The other two are from Boohoo and are sitting patiently in my shopping cart until I don't have that pre splurge buyers remorse - I always make it as far the the check out and then chicken out! I'm also loving Boohoos new campaign - so many summer feels! On the advice of Eimear Varian Barry (if you don't know her - go know her now!) I've been listening to OK Sweetheart while creating and writing this post and I'm already obsessed! Indie, relaxing yet fun and sweet music to listen to while you get shit done. I love it! I've been reading Patti Smiths "Just Kids" this past week on the recomendation of a friend, and really loving it. I never knew much about her or her music or her history, but her story is so interesting and definitely inspiring - she experienced such a creative and crazy time, I would love to live a day of her life (preferably in the Chelsea Hotel period, and hang out with all the amazing artists she met there) and not her down and out days.

And of course, Divide has been on repeat in my ears since the day it came out - I know it's not his best album (personally) but there are some amazing songs on there - Nancy Mulligan and Galway Girl in particular, though maybe I'm biased on that count! Barcelona and Bibia Be Ye Ye are more faves. It's Prague Fashion Week at the moment, and I'm reminiscing on my time spent in the second row last year - it was the best. Czech design is honestly so good at the moment, one of the more creative fashion weeks I think! Also, been absolutely LOVING massive sleeves on anything at the moment - if it's got balloon, bell, or big ass sleeves, I want it - like these two Boohoo baes. And, damn. Dior's Blue Collection? It was good. Like it was SO GOOD. i loved how lots of things were integrated from the couture collection too - M.G.C you are the queen of my heart. I attended the London Strike4Choice on International Womens Day - it was great and I'm really glad I went to show my support for the cause at home, and I freaking HOPE something changes, and fast. 

That's it for this weeks (well, three weeks worth of) the goings on in my brain! Hope you're still enjoying these, and I hope there won't be such long gaps between from now on! Happy Sunday!