Busy being Busy

Never too busy for snacks

So, these four outfits are the only that I've posted in the last 5 months. Can you believe it? Remember the days when I had an outfit up every other day? And even before that, when I had one up EVERY day?! But, that was before I got so bogged down with college and interning and just living life?! Blogging is actually quite hard work, even when it;s just a hobby. I hate to be that person like "oh I'm so busy with this, that and the other" but honestly, it's hard to juggle so many things and still have time for fun things, and meeting friends, and even like - leaving the house when you're working from home (last week I made myself leave the house and get a coffee. Otherwise I would have had no human contact for a solid 12 hours.) And it's not even the kind of busy that leaves you running around and frazzled, it's just the kind of busy that comes from being a working student. My days off aren't ever really days off anymore, because I feel guilty about not doing some kind of dissertation work. BUT ANYWAY long story short, I have a lot of sh*t to do, but I really do miss blogging. So I'll try to be slightly more constant with it - but be patient. This dissertation is a major pain in the patooty.