Penclic KB3

The ultimate on-the-run keyboard

Is there anything better than having the option to curl up in bed to do your work, rather than sitting straight backed, at your desk? Considering I now live in a studio apartment, this is even more tempting to me! So the Penclic KB3 Bluetooth Keyboard is ideal for that - you can connect it to your phone, tablet, laptop or PC and work away from wherever you are most comfortable! I like to either use in from bed with my tablet, or connect it to my laptop so I can curl up in my chair comfortably without sitting hunched over my laptop for hours. It's also ideal, as I mentioned above, for working on the move! I love to do a bit of work from cafes now and then if I can, and it's MUCH easier to take this little keyboard and my tablet rather than lugging my heavy laptop with me, and it takes up much less space on the little tables in my new favourite cafe!
The KB3 is so versatile, you really can use it anywhere, and it's got such a smooth and sleek design - it's small, lightweight and feels great to type on. Again, you can connect it to any kind of system - Mac, Windows, Android - and work away! It's got all the usual keys and commands - it does lack a number pad which is something I usually love to have, but for all the other pros this keyboard has, I think I can survive without it. Penclic is a great new brand I've recently been introduced to, and to be honest I really do love the products I've tried from them - you can read about my experience with their D3 Mouse here!