From Selfie to Self Expression
Getting back to these weekly posts! Maybe I should change the name considering how inconsistant I am - more like monthly musings? Or something... I'll think about it. Anyway, first up this week/month is my little trip to the Saatchi Gallery (which I'd never been to) where we saw the coolest exhibition. I'd highly recommend it if you're around! Really interactive, and there are some really funny pieces too! It basically looks at the evolution of the selfie, and all the different forms it takes - from the first selfie to Kim Kardashian's infamous butt selfie - and it's actually really interesting! Plus the market outside the gallery has the best paella stand jus' sayin'.
Next up is what I'm reading, what I'm reading about, and what I'm watching! Most of my reading is relegated to dissertation research lately - which is why I'm reading Roland Barthes "The Fashion System" and "the Language of Fashion" - my dissertation topic is based on magazines, so obvs I have to talk about fashion magazines and how fashion is written about! Also, it's something I've wanted to read for a while so this just gave me an excuse! I'm also researching a lot of niche/indie magazines and I really want to start a subscription - do you guys read any good magazines? Any recommendations?! I've finally caught onto the Suits bandwagon - I've plowed through all the seasons and I'm almost done IT IS SO ADDICTIVE. And now that Riverdale is over I definitely have a big Americana-High-School-Drama hole in my life. If you haven't seen it, go binge watch it! V V good. And finally, I've subscribed to Amazon Prime simply to watch the masterpiece that is American Gods, I read the book nearly four years ago and it's one of my favourites by Neil Gaiman - no scratch that, it's definitely my favourite! The show is really well adapted from the book, which was a bit worrying as it's so fantastically fictional, but the actors are amazing and it's shot so well. Big fan!
And just a little fashion wishlist cos come on, who am I without a little lust list? These four amazing pieces from Zara have been in my basket for aaaaaaaages now, I'm just a little broke after moving house so they'll stay where they are until I can justify the buying! But how amazing? I'm so into interesting pants lately - I need to up my cool trews game. 
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