Tale as Old as Time

Tune as old as song...


Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE Beauty & The Beast (I'm not lying but as I typed this the Belle song just came on my Spotify???????) but I have yet to see the new version. I know. Shame. But there's something about it that I'm kind of not looking forward to seeing... I can't explain it, I'm scared that I'll hate it and it will ruin everything? I've listened to the new soundtrack and... I'm not a fan. So we'll see, once I get around to actually watching the film! But yeah, just a little side note because of this verrrry cute Chip tshirt from Primark!

We shot this on lovely touristy day around Greenwich - I love it there. I wish I lived closer, I would for sure just hang out there all the time in the summer! It's so nice, and the views from the hill are *insert heart eye emoji*.

Tshirt / Skirt - Primark
Shoes - Adidas Superstars