Outfit A Day

Roll up, Roll up! The newest feature to land on this very blog isssssssss...


.... A monthly log of my outfits! (OK OK, there are a few sneaky ones in here from last month, but it's because I'm all over the place as usual. From now on, I'll be more precise!)
I tried my best to do it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But of course, on my days off - which I mostly spend doing my dissertation - I'm not about to get dolled up to sit at my laptop all day! So I'm in my sweats and comfy clothes, and these DO NOT deserve a place on this blog. And I think one or two were worn in the same day... something to work, and then something to go out in the evening! Most of these are on my Instagram already with the items tagged, but if you want to know where anything else is from let me know! And let me know if you like this kind of feature!

PS... I think I need to change up the pose, no?