Nars x Refinery29 #PowerMouth


Just a quick look at this cool event I went to last weekend - NARS teamed up with Refinery29 UK to host a female artist exhibition called Power Mouth to launch NARS' newest product, their PowerMatte Lip Pigment (which, btw, is AMAZING and will stay on your face all night, even after you drink many drinks and eat many, many fries). It was a super cool event and the art was amazing, plus we got to sample the lip products and have a little photo booth fun - as you can see, me and Charlotte are just pale AF and the gigantic flash did not help, not even a little bit. Basically, what I took away from this is: Francoise Nars is a legend, PowerMatte is an amazing product, and I desperately need a neon naked lady sign for my house. That is all.