Halloween 1 | Merida

Is it too early for Halloween looks? IDC, I love Halloween. It's probably just because I love Autumn so much and Halloween is the PINNACLE of all things Autumnal, but I love the dressing up and the spookiness and the SWEETS. I wanted to do some cool Halloween looks for the blog, so I've started out with something super, super easy, especially if you have red hair! (Or get a wig, considering only 10% or something of us are #BLESSED with the genes.)
Brave is such an amazing film and Merida is a bad ass b*tch so I don't see why anyone would NOT want to be her for Halloween? (I know some people are like "oohhh it's Halloween it's meant to be scary etc etc but seriously do whatever you want, it's Halloween.)
For this I did honestly the bare minimum - I used a chopstick curling wand for the wild curls, added some extra freckles with eyeshadow, and kept everything else natural AF. Obviously I don't have the full on outfit, but I think it'd be really easy to recreate - green dress, brown belt, toy bow & arrow - done!
I have two more easy peasy looks coming up so keep your eye on the blog!