90's Baby

In the words of Maren Morris: "I'm a 90's baby, in my 80's Mercedes"... minus the Mercedes...

I'm in love with every single piece in this outfit - the bag, the shoes, the jumper, the dress, and all together it's even better! I feel like a real 90's grungey chick! 
I found this amazing dress in a charity shop - possibly an Oxfam, I don't remember! It's a vintage Laura Ashley number and I bagged it for five pounds. FIVE POUNDS. However (there always is a however isn't there), it's a size 8. But because of the way it's made, it fits me perfectly (obviously meant to be a hugely oversized size 8) but it was slightly tight around the chesticle area. But a quick trip to my local alterations man and he fixed it right up for me! The jumper I bought in the Weekday sale (still available btw!) - it was EVEN BIGGER when I got it first but I managed to shrink it on it's first wash of course. It's still perfectly oversized but I'll need to find a replacement for that extra extra huge look. And of course my Docs, going perfeeeectly with my amazing Cambridge Satchel Company backpack - how cute with my name on it?!