A Leopard Never Changes its Spots

Particularly if it's vintage

Basically copied this outfit piece by piece from Anna Hart of South Molton St Style, but with a vintage twist OBVS. I was looking for a leopard print skirt online for ages, there are quite a few on the go at the moment but none that were just right for me - AND THEN. THEN I found this skirt in the back of a wardrobe in my house and well was I sorted! I had to get it taken in a bit, I also tried to get those weird ribbon things taken off but the seamstress said it would be £10 extra (for each piece I think!!) So I skipped it cos, they're weird, but they're not the worst. I love a bit of a clash at the moment, and stripes & leopard print are almost a classic at this stage!

So yeah! As usual, I'm a biiiiiiig advocate of going for a root through the wardrobe at home, your moms, your aunts, your grandmothers (even your granddads!) because I'm sure there are maaaaaaany many treasures hidden away in there.

Top - H&M
Jacket - Reserved
Skirt - Vintage
Boots - Primark