Patio Chilling

We moved! And we have the cutest little patio kind of area, which is clearly ideal for all the iced coffee drinking I'm doing now it's getting warm in London! It's so nice to have somewhere to sit outside, something we severely lacked in our last flat.

Mainly, I want to talk about these shoes. THESE SHOOOOES. I love them so much! I think they are kind of divisive (at least they were according to an Instagram poll I did!) but I think they are the best things since sliced bread. The colours, the shape, the FEATHERS! I was obsessed with Rogue Matilda, and when they finally had a sale (way back in January may I add, I've been waiting for better weather to wear them) and these bad boys were down to half price. I couldn't say no! The skirt and top are both old summer pieces, that are still pretty wearable! I always go back to the same staples, every year.

Top - Warehouse (Similar here)
Skirt - River Island (Similar here)
Shoes - Rogue Matilda (Sold out)