The Back Lane

The good thing about city-ish living is there is always good places to take pictures! Like this little alleyway/back lane situation, and it was so quiet - so lack of people staring at you while walking past (nothing I hate more tbh).

Living in London in the summertime is haaaaaaard. The heat, the humidity, the SWEAT. But midi-dresses are the way to go, I tell ya! So easy to wear, respectable length for work and also don't run the risk of exposing yaself to everyone below you on the escalator up from the Tube! This one is a bit fancier than usual day to day midi dress, but would be ideal for after work drinks (just wear a vest under it to work and you'll be graaaaand) or for brunch/ barbecue situations. And YES I am that basic bitch and I got the Saint Laurent fakies - but to be fair, I ordered them from Ali Express before they got into Primark, so does that make me ahead of the dupe trend?! I'm excited to get my little mules back out for fun summer tingz, I feel like they are kinda timeless now?

Dress - Primark
Glasses - Ali Express
Shoes - New Look