Dame Viv

Punk, Activist, Icon

I got my first book about Vivienne Westwood when I think I was still in primary school, or maybe having just started secondary school. I saw it in some catalogue my aunt had, and asked for it for Christmas that year - and lo and behold I was introduced to my favourite designer. I still have that book and flick through it now and again for a little history on Dame Viv. This is a newer book which I have yet to read fully (shame on me, I know BUT you know I basically have a library of books to make my way through!).

So it's pretty obvious that I love a bitta Viv, and so when I saw they had a sale on I literally jumped at the chance and bought the Kelly bag on my lunch break the same day. I was torn between the Kelly and the Pimlico, but the Kelly is just so unique - I LOVE the shape of it! This is the medium size (and it's still available for almost half the price on the website!) and I bloody love it! It's in a black crocodile leather and yeah I'll admit, the opening is a little awkward but I'm guessing over time it will loosen out a bit - and honestly it's something I can get over. The little globe and the Anglomania design are everywhere, even on the clasps which I died a little over - the attention to detail! And the interior is just as good! 

Going to be honest, I don't usually splash the cash on this kind of purchase without thinking on it for a couple of days but to be fair - I had been eyeing this up for a while before the sale AND I had savings put away (I was saving for the Alexander McQueen trainers but this has put a significant dent in it - I'll just have to start again!) so I don't feel too bad about it - plus I FREAKING love it. While it wasn't HUGELY expensive (tysm sales), it still feels good to be able to buy a luxury piece, from a brand you love, all by yourself. Am I a #girlboss yet?! Lol jk.