Fresh Linen

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys it is too hot... too too TOO HOT. I'M MELTING.

Now that is over with, on to the good stuff.

I realise that I've been pretty useless and with blogging lately (I think I write this in every single blog post lately but hey, it's true!) and its half because I'm TOO SWEATY to wear anything nice, but also because I feel bad for constantly making my boyfriend take pictures of me. Honestly, we usually end up having 'creative differences' eg arguing on the street, so it's almost easier to not do it. SO I took matters into my own hands and did it all myself! If you remember (or take a look back... waaaaaaaaay back...) I used to take all my pictures myself - the camera was on a stack of books on top of a chest of drawers with a self timer, and I could only do it in one room and had to stand in pretty much the same place the entire time. So, not the best imagery - but I still managed to do it almost every single day! Now I have a slightly more grown up situation, with a camera that has interval shooting and a tripod, so things are slightly easier, and more creative even. 

I actually love how these pictures turned out - I'm very influenced by Chloe Plumstead at the moment, and she takes a lot of images at home. So I said I can do that too! And so, I did. In this vintage linen dress which I loooove, and this belt (which is a little too big and therefore ruined some pictures *eye roll emoji*) and my absolute babes, black suede mules. A pretty casual, relaxed outfit - plus how ~on trend~ is the linen dress with the wooden buttons?! I love how fashion comes full circle, and vintage will always eventually be back in. TBH though a good linen dress will never be out of style amirite? Also, some pictures of my favourite corner in our new flat for good measure - my library corner and our polaroid bunting! 

What do you guys think of these pictures? A bit meh or a bit interesting? Let me know if I should do more ~self portrait~ (idk does this even count?) shooting!

Dress - Vintage, similar here and here
Mules - New Look
Belt - Primark