Nakin Skincare

I love skincare, it's truuuuuuuuuuue - and theres nothing I love more than trying new skincare. I have my steadies that I always use of course, but it's great to try new stuff and find new favourites.

Natural skincare is also big up on my list recently - thanks to being introduced to Essentialle Skin. And while I am still a big ole The Ordinary devotee, I like to mix up my hardcore stuff with a little bit of nature too!

So when Nakin got in touch, I was intrigued. A new, natural anti-aging brand? Ah yah ok sign me up lads. Ever since I learned that you should start using anti-aging skincare from the age of 25  (so basically I missed a whole year) I've been getting waaaaaaay more into anti-aging stuff, from serums to oils to eye treatments. I don't mind the odd wrinkle and laugh line but I'd like to stay 26 forever ya know?!

Nakin kindly sent me over their Anti Aging Performance Serum to try out a few weeks ago. I've been mixing it in to my usual routine and have to say, it's been good! The issue I have with trying out anti-aging skincare is that, unlike with some skincare - say, acne treatments - you don't see much results all that quickly. However, I have nothing but positives for this bad boy - it feels amazing to put on, and smells unreal (thanks to the Hibiscus I think), and gives a kinda sorta springy-ness to my skin - which I'm guessing is to do with the elasticity and shows it is doing it's job! The Hibiscus extract is also known as 'natural Botox' and gets you all smooooothed out. It has definitely got a firm place in my skincare routine now, and it won't be budging - I get the feeling this will be great in the long run. If you are into the whole natural skincare side of cosmetics I would definitely check out Nakin! It's got a whole load of good stuff in it to get you smoothed out and glowy as heck:

"Regenerate skin with this natural anti-ageing face serum elixir rich in antioxidant oils and extracts. The active formula includes Hibiscus and Hyaluronic Acid that condition, smooth fine lines and improve elasticity, restoring the appearance of skin."

  • Hydrolyzed Hibiscus Extract brings anti-wrinkle and correction to skin. It's known as a natural Botox that helps smooth and ease facial lines, such as those on the forehead and around the mouth.
  • Hyaluronic Acid forms a permeable layer and penetrates into the dermis to boost hydration and skin elasticity.
  • Pomegranate helps to reverse skin damage caused by sun exposure.
  • Green Tea delivers powerful anti-oxidants to help prevent oxidation bought on by skin stressors.
  • Rosemary Leaf Extract gives anti-glycation properties and promotes youthful looking skin through its protection of collagen and elastin fibres.
Are you guys into natural skincare? Or are you a more scientific kinda gal or guy? Let me know! x