A Really Great Time

A little bit of colour and a little bit of Noah appreciation of which there is NOT ENOUGH on this blog or in my life... I miss my dog :( 

ANYWAY just a quick one with this v casual but v colourful outfit shot by my OG blog photographer the almighty Abaz - who used to shoot my photos way back way back when we lived together in college and I used to annoy her daily with it but really she loved it and it was like the good old days and we drank millions of cups of coffee and bought millions of books and it was great


Isn't it just great when you meet someone you haven't seen in ages? Even if you still keep in touch (thank god for Instagram and Whatsapp) but then you see them in real life IN THE FLESH and it's like zero time has gone by? And that, my friends, is the best.

Jeans/ Jumper - Primark
Shoes - Adidas C/O ASOS
Headband - Stradivarus C/O Abaz 
Short Necklace - Posh Totty Design
Long Necklace - Chupi