Safety First

Better safe than sorry

Can you believe this bag? I think this may be one of the BIG purchases of my life (so far these also include - a Vivienne Westwood handbag, two pairs of CDG trainers and a vintage Burberry Mac).  I found this designer by stalking Instagram during Prague Fashion Week a year or so again and have been ~slightly~ obsessed ever since. Vivien Babicova is a Slovakian design student (YES STUDENT) and she makes these amazing bags that are like belt bags but also not because they are better than the average. When I first saw these I fell in looooooove, and saved up some of my meagre fashion intern wages to buy one. Yes, it's teeny tiny and yes, I can hardly fit my phone and my purse in there and yes, I don't even care because I love it so much. Plus, it makes so much noise when I walk and you know I like to make an entrance. And it's safe as heck. it is literally attached to your body by a seatbelt.

This is the kind of bag that I will definitely keep forever because it will always remind me of a certain time in my life, but also as the first time I was willing and able to spend a moderately large sum of money on one item, made by someone I really admire. I love supporting young artists and designers but it can be hard cos 💸💸💸 but when you can, you should!

Dress - Monki
Shoes - ASOS