The Woman in Black

An outfit made up of all of my favourite things it seems! I think it's probably a bit too chilly to be going around in this currently but just add a good ole chunky cardi and you'll be sorted!

This t-shirt caught my eye on ASOS a while back but by the time I decided I actually desperately DID need it, it was sold out natch. So I went to the source - Monki - and ended up doing a little haul instead! I first discovered Monki when I lived in Sweden many moons ago (5 years to be exact - holy sh*t) and fell in looooooooove, but it was a little spenny for me at the time, a perpetually broke international student. And now it's like I've discovered it again for the first time and I'm back to looooving it so much. This t-shirt was £8 for the love of god! Anyway, enough about my new found love (or is it)... As always I love a good all black outfit, so whats new there - and my Vivien Babicova bag and CDG Converse are the peeeeeeerfect addition to it! I'm pretty lacking in interesting news at the moment so... ta ta for now!

Skirt - Reserved (old)
Tshirt - Monki
Bag - Vivien Babicova
Shoes - CDG x Converse @ Selfridges