Leopard Lover

A leopard never changes its spots... but can we?!

And by that I mean - change out of it! 
Are we sick of leopard print yet? Yay or nay?! 

As an early adopter of it last year (in my opinion at least - I was already wearing my leopard print faux fur coat about this time last year! And SWEATING in it fyi) I've been pretty much living in leopard since then. Although, I haven't featured a leopard print piece on the blog (apart from my Superstars) in about 7 months. It is starting to get a ~little~ overwhelming in the stores and on the streets when every second lady is rocking her spots.  AND YET when I saw this gigantic oversized shirt in a charity shop (you know how I roll) I had to have it anyway - I felt like the print, or the colouring maybe, is a little different to the usual. Plus it was like €8 and I'm pretty sure no one will have the EXACT same shirt. I guess you could call this kind of transitional work wear - if you are a little wilder in your office than a pant suit every day (tbh pant suits can also be kinda wild if you know how to style them but w/e). 

I had a little internal chat with myself at the weekend, trying to decide whether or not I would dispose of (donate) all of my leopard print items because, well, it's been done right? I know it's the trend of the season, but sometimes I just really truly dislike being 'trendy'. Which led me to think - if I'm a blogger, surely I should be AHEAD of the trends, leading me to think that I should definitely never wear any leopard print ever again. But then I stopped and thought, you know what? I like it. And so, I'm gonna wear it. And that's that.

Shoes - New Look
Culottes - ASOS Design
Top - Thrifted
Bag - Vivienne Westwood Kelly