August & September Outfit a Day

Ok, I'll admit it... I fell a leeeeeeeeettle behind (two months, to be exact) on the monthly outfit logs but that just means it's double up this time around! To be fair, August was PEAK dissertation stress time, when I was a hermit (no, honestly) and rarely wore anything other than my comfies and a constant look of bewilderment. So, the first 8 pictures are the only documented nice outfits I wore the entire month of August.
BUT I have recently started a new internship (yay me!) giving me a reason to leave the house and make an effort on a daily basis - it's nice tbh. So the rest of the outfits are a mixture of work and socialising. So yes, I hope you enjoy, and Octobers log will be on time... I PROMISE. 
(A lot of these outfits are on my Instagram with products tagged, but if not just comment and I'll let you know where anything is from!)