Gingham is for life, not just for summer.

This skirt. And this COAT. Ugh, I love autumn dressing. It's so much more fun than summer, because LAYERING - and with actual need for layering, rather than layering as a lewk and just ending up being a sweaty mess and that is NOT a lewk.
Anyway, this skirt is from one of my absolute favourite shops ever ever ever, Reserved. I came across this shop in Prague as a friend of mine works in the marketing office and *sigh* it's FINALLY in the UK! It just recently opened on Oxford Street and maaaan I'm so excited. I saw this skirt on Liv Purvis in the run up to the launch so the second I was in the shop I grabbed it, and I've worn it about a million times already (it was like a month ago, so it's impossible I KNOW but I'm dramatic OK.) I'm not about to give up on this beauty of a skirt just because it's autumn time, so I'll keep on keeping on, pairing it with boots and tights to get me through!
And then there was the famous borg coat making the rounds on Instagram, and when I found this Primark version for a fraction of the price I was delira and excira! It's so soft, so warm and so fab! I have a similar one I got in H&M about 2 years ago but it's been worn to bits, and it's more cardigan than coat really, so this is kind of an upgrade! These + my DIY star boots and some red socks (btw also kind of obsessed with socks at the moment, take a look at my last post before this) and it was a match made in heaven!

Coat/ socks/ boots - Primark